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2 : Divine Timing

Episode Summary

In this episode, hosts Kell Quarrell and Shez Spiteri announce the relaunch of SheKan 2.0, a live events program for women. They reflect on their journey with SheKan, from its inception in 2016 to their decision to pause the program in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19. They discuss the importance of alignment and their unshakable belief in the success of SheKan. They also share memorable moments and challenges they faced along the way. After a three-year hiatus, SheCan is back with a new version, SheKan 2.0. The founders, Shez and Kel, discuss their journey and the challenges they faced during the break. They reflect on the evolution of their business and the need to adapt to the changing times. They emphasize the importance of creating a safe space for women to connect and the power of live events. They announce the launch of a monthly membership called Happiness Hub and the upcoming two-day and four-day events in Australia. They also mention the annual Adventure Week in Bali. The episodes ends with a call for stories and photos from the SheKan community.


🎯SheKan is relaunching as SheKan 2.0, bringing back live events for women.

🎯The hosts reflect on their journey with SheKan, from its inception to their decision to pause the program.

🎯Alignment and unshakable belief were key factors in the success of SheKan

🎯They faced challenges and made mistakes along the way, but learned and grew from them.

🎯The decision to pause SheKan was made while they still loved it, and they are now excited to relaunch with their experience and knowledge SheKan is relaunching as SheKan 2.0 after a three-year break.

🎯The founders emphasize the need to adapt to the changing times and evolve their business.

🎯Creating a safe space for women to connect is a key focus for SheKan

🎯Live events are a powerful way to bring women together and foster community.

🎯SheKan is launching a monthly membership called Happiness Hub.

🎯Two-day and four-day events will be held annually in Australia.

🎯Adventure Week in Bali is an annual event open to anyone.

🎯The founders invite the SheKan community to share their stories and photos.

Episode Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Excitement for the Relaunch
06:54 Alignment and Unshakable Belief: Keys to the Success of SheKan
13:17 Challenges and Growth: Learning from Mistakes
30:43 The Importance of Connection
39:47 Announcing the Annual Events
49:01 Calling for Stories and Photos

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