I'm Kell

I know business is not always easy! BUT I am here to show you the way to align your business with your values and your life.

You get to start, grow and scale your business in a way that you desire! You get to do it differently! You get to choose!


I'm Kell

I know business is not always easy! BUT I am here to say, it doesn’t need to be as hard as you are making it!
I recently relocated to the Gold Coast in Australia with my husband and two girls. When I'm not strategising women's businesses you'll find me anywhere warm outdoors with Prosecco in hand.


My entire business life, I have helped women build the confidence to create a life they love.

It's my mission to support women to build profitable, influential and fully aligned businesses so they can positively impact their own lives and the lives of others.

By creating the world’s most affordable, supportive and impactful online business community, together we will transform the way women do business.


My journey over the last 10 years has been one of constant transformation. Growing through my 30’s and transitioning into my 40’s, closing my first business to open another 3 weeks later (which was not in the plan), selling our family home, becoming a Mum to teenagers, relocating states in Australia and so much more.

After working with women all over Australia in a variety of formats - self-curated live events and retreats, 1:1 coaching, speaking, personal styling, online courses, memberships and masterminds I know real transformation in business and life comes from;

  1. Taking a moment to just breathe
  2. Getting really honest with yourself about your priorities
  3. Establishing clearly defined values and goals to be your north star
  4. Having an aligned strategy to get you there

And I love that I get to support women in their businesses to do exactly that.

I’m a rule follower gone rogue! I'm not interested in doing business the same way as everyone else.

In my entrepreneurial journey I have pivoted many times to ensure that the businesses I've created align with the season of life I'm in and the priorities I have at the time.. aka being a mum and also a driven woman in business.

I live on the Gold Coast, Australia and love the ocean, lifestyle and weather. It's from here I get to support women to realign their businesses with their values, life priorities and goals. I get to do that one-on-one and inside my online business membership for women - Bold Aligned Business.

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