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7 : Why I Decided To Stop Posting To My IG...

In this episode, Kell Quarrell discusses her decision to archive all of her Instagram posts and create a 15-post static feed. She was inspired by another member of her mastermind group who had done the same. Kell explains that this decision will allow her to focus more on authentic and organic storytelling through Instagram stories and reels, rather than spending time creating aesthetically pleasing posts. She acknowledges that this approach may not work for everyone and encourages listeners to trust what feels right for them.


🎯Archiving old Instagram posts and creating a static feed can free up time and allow for more authentic storytelling through stories and reels.

🎯This approach may not work for everyone, so it's important to trust what feels right for your own business.

🎯Business is a game of trial and error, so it's worth exploring new strategies and measuring their impact.

🎯Being consistent with reels and stories is key to maintaining engagement on Instagram.