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6 : The Importance of Focus in Business

In this conversation, Angela Lockwood shares her journey in business and how she helps people focus in a highly distracting world. She discusses her early entrepreneurial ventures as a child and her passion for being of service to others. Angela also talks about the challenges she faced when her business grew rapidly and how she learned the importance of slowing down and focusing on what's important. She explains her work in helping people find slowness in their lives and make great decisions, and how she helps individuals and organizations stay focused on their priorities. Angela also shares her own strategies for maintaining focus and productivity. Angela Lockwood shares her strategy for maximizing productivity by understanding her brain and energy flow. She has found that her peak focus is from 5:00 am to 8:30 am, so she schedules her deep work during this time. By doing more in a shorter period of time with less effort, she is able to be more productive and have more energy. Angela's deep work includes tasks like writing proposals, designing workshops, and working on her books. She emphasizes the importance of creating a distraction-free environment and planning ahead to ensure focus and productivity.


🎯Being in business and being of service to others has always been a passion for Angela Lockwood since she was a child.

🎯Rapid growth in business can lead to overwhelm and the need to reassess priorities.

🎯Slowing down and focusing on what's important is crucial for success and satisfaction in life and business.

🎯Understanding your energy flow and finding strategies to stay focused can greatly improve productivity and effectiveness. Understand your brain and energy flow to maximize productivity.

🎯Schedule deep work during your peak focus time.

🎯Do more in a shorter period of time with less effort.

🎯Create a distraction-free environment and plan ahead for focus


00:00 Introduction and Angela's Business Journey
08:27 Challenges of Rapid Growth and the Shift to Slowing Down
14:57 Helping People Find Slowness in a Distracting World
30:11 Effortless Productivity: Doing More in Less Time
36:32 Slowing Down in a Fast-Paced World