Engaging conversations with those leading the way in boldly creating businesses aligned to what they truly want in life. Host Kell Quarrell taps into the experience, knowledge and expertise of business leaders willing and wanting to do business differently.

A podcast for business owners, business go-getters and entrepreneurs or anyone interested in living an aligned life, both professionally and personally!

Our business shouldn’t take more from our life than it gives. We get to create a business that is boldly aligned with our core values, goals and life priorities.

5 : Alignment for Business Success

In this episode, Kell Quarrell discusses the importance of aligning your business with your values, priorities, vision, beliefs, and skills. She emphasizes the need to understand what success means to you and to make it the guiding principle in your decision-making. Kell also introduces a free resource, the Business Alignment Blueprint, to help listeners assess their current alignment and make necessary changes. She invites women in business to join her membership community, Bold Aligned Business, for further support and accountability.


🎯Aligning your business with your values, priorities, vision, beliefs, and skills is crucial for success and fulfillment.

🎯Understanding what success means to you and making it your North Star in decision-making is essential.

🎯Assessing your current alignment and making necessary changes can help you create a business and life that align with your goals and values.

🎯Joining a supportive community like Bold Aligned Business can provide clarity, accountability, and support in various areas of your business.


00:00 Aligning Your Business with Your Values and Priorities
06:24 Defining Success on Your Own Terms
09:09 Examining Beliefs and Mindset
10:06 Evaluating Skills and Acquiring New Ones
12:59 Defining Success on Your Own Terms
15:44 Joining a Supportive Community for Accountability and Growth.