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3 : Taking 100% Responsibility

Episode Summary

In this episode, Kell Quarrell discusses the importance of taking 100% responsibility for everything in your business. She shares a personal experience where a podcast episode was released without sound, highlighting the need for her to take ownership of the mistake. Kell emphasizes that as a business owner, it is crucial to take responsibility for both the things that happen and the things that don't happen in your business. She encourages listeners to assess their role in their business and make necessary changes to improve and grow.


🎯Taking 100% responsibility for everything in your business is crucial for growth and success.

🎯As a business owner, you are responsible for both the things that happen and the things that don't happen in your business.

🎯Finding support and accountability in your network can help overcome challenges and stay motivated.

🎯Taking ownership of mistakes and learning from them is a sign of integrity and authenticity.

🎯Joining a supportive community like Bold Aligned Business can provide guidance and encouragement.

Episode Chapters

00:00 Introduction: Taking Responsibility for Your Business
08:56 The Role of Responsibility in Business Ownership