Why did you get into business? 🤔

Dec 02, 2022

Last week I asked a beautiful client of mine what her top 3 driving forces are to own her own business. 

Immediately I observed discomfort come through in her body language, her breathing changed and I’m sure internally she eye rolled hard 😂

After some hesitation she first replied;

“To retire comfortably”. Then when I asked her, “what else” she started to say “to enjoy …. Before interrupting herself to say “I hate answering these types of questions”. 

When I prompted her again “what else” (because she 100% knew I wasn’t allowing her to get out of giving me 3) she said went to say "enjoy..." before interrupting herself to say, "I hate answering these types of questions!"


Needless to say, what became very evident was there was vital work to be done to create clarity in her business goals. I challenged her, what does retire comfortably actually mean? What age, how much money in savings, still generate an income from the business or sell??????

See here's the thing! So many women are driven to create, start or own a business of their own for many different reasons but as they continue down the entrepreneurial journey they lose sight of why it was they started. They fall into the trap of doing business the same as the next person regardless if it’s in alignment with their goals or not. I also have a sneaky suspicion that many women start in business without clear goals. They haven’t considered what they want their role to be (not all should sit at the top of the tree), how they want to feel, where they want to work, do they want a team, should they work 1:1 or with small or large groups, how much money do they want to make, are they building to sell and the list goes on and on and on. 

And if they were clear on these goals in the beginning, when was the last time they checked in with them to see if they are still relevant? As we move through the seasons of life our priorities change and so can our goals. 

If you are a woman running her own business I urge you to take time out for an alignment check-in. Right now I'm putting together my Business Alignment Checklist and I'll let you know when it's available.. best thing is, it's free!

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