What’s your retirement plan?

Dec 20, 2022

In a client strategy session 2 weeks ago I asked my client what her top 3 driving forces were to be in business. After pausing, one of her responses was “to retire comfortably”. (We did go on a journey to determine what that actually meant to her but that’s another post for another time.)

Then last week I was chatting to my acupuncturist again about retirement. He asked not when I wanted to retire but what I thought about “retirement”. (A very different conversation.)

See we are educated 🫠 “brainwashed” to get an education so you can “work” hard, either in a job or for yourself in your business, buy a house and spend most of your working life to pay it off and then at 70 you get to “retire”. But retire to do what with what??

If that sounds like the ideal way to spend you time her on Earth.. brilliant that’s awesome, go get it! BUT if you are like screw that, then what’s your alternate plan?

For me retirement is a concept created to limit our human experience. It’s like this magical destination we eventually will arrive at so we can do all the things we delayed doing because we were “working”. 

We chain ourselves to our desks, our jobs or our businesses all day, most days, for years on end to what.. buy a caravan and travel only to realise our eyesight and bodies are probably not quite as sharp as they should be. 

What if you could redesign your business and your life so you didn’t have to “retire”? What if you were so aligned and in flow with your business that you stopped living just for the weekends?

Your business is not meant to take more from your life than it gives. You are not here to live life on autopilot to then retire. You are here to build a thriving business, have massive impact and live an extraordinary life without limitation. 

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