What do you do when you are feeling blah?

Apr 05, 2022

You know the feeling when you are low on energy, sluggish, bored, uninspired by food, irritable, unproductive and feel like each day is Groundhog Day?

My answer is movement and movement first thing in my day is key.

Be it a walk, a run, high intense cardio, swim, weights or stretching / yoga, movement is it!
Expend energy to get energy works every time for me.

The roll on effect in my day when I don’t choose movement first is;
I drink less water
I eat less and make poor food choices
I’m less happy and
I’m less productive.

After almost two weeks of no morning movement, today was the day where I drew a line in the sand and walked first thing and (of course) feel 1000% times better for it.

I feel it’s time for a new fitness goal/routine so watch this space!

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